Content Writing

for publications, founders & businesses

Your blog is a powerful tool to establish authority, drive organic traffic, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Let me craft your words, so you can focus on crafting your legacy.

Minimum engagement: $2,500/mo


My Services

Blogs & Articles

Establish your brand presence by having me write regular blog posts for your company website. Get consistent, quality content on a monthly retainer.

Comprehensive Guides

Inform your reader with well-researched guides on your niche/topic. Deliverables are formatted in an easy-to-read manner, on-time every time.

Service Pages

Make your first impression a lasting one with stellar service pages that captivates with a ‘wow factor,’ converting viewers into buyers!

Why Choose Me?

Tailored approach: Your voice, goals, and audience are unique. I take the time to get to know your brand, then write content to maximize impact.

Artisan quality: I don’t just put words on a Google Doc — I prioritize substance, style, and standout thought leadership in every piece I create.

Track record: I’ve helped 50+ industry leaders build their blogs, driving new business opportunities.

Confidentiality: Need a ghostwriter? I’ll make you shine while staying behind the scenes.

Flexibility: Have me write with my by-line or as a ghostwriter depending on your business goals.

By hiring me, you can count on...

Thorough Research

Before writing, I research the topic to ensure that the article I deliver is factual and backed by credible sources.

Editing & Proofreading

After writing, I'll go back a few rounds to proofread and edit as necessary. You'll receive a polished final product.


Proper formatting is easy on the eyes, provides a seamless user-experience, and keeps people coming back.

SEO-Friendly Content

Relevant, well-researched key phrases will give you bonus points on Google's algorithm.

Engaging Titles
& Meta Tags

First impressions are important. My writing strategy encourages more web clicks, social media retention, and overall engagement.

Speedy On-Time Delivery

Time management is one of my superpowers. You'll get quality content on time (if not early), every time you work with me!




I work with publications, founders, and businesses — writing SEO blogs, how-to articles, buying guides, and product reviews. Depending on your goals, I can write with my byline or ghostwrite on behalf of you.

I’m adaptable and have a decade of experience writing about various industries. Please check out my portfolio to get a better idea of what I can do.

Rates vary depending your goals, the scope of work, and whether you need ghostwriting. But my minimum monthly engagement is $2500.

I can complete a paid test piece at my usual rate before we sign a contract and commit to a longer-term partnership. At this time, I’m only working with clients needing ongoing content (4+ months).

We’ll agree on a reasonable scope of work based on your needs before beginning our first project.

If you have a strong vision for a piece, please be as specific as possible in the writer’s brief for best results.

Up to 1 revision is included in the scope of work.

It does NOT include pre-approved outlines, graphics and images, phone interviews, or rewrites, unless discussed and agreed upon.

Protecting my time enables me to focus on my craft, thereby delivering top-notch results for my partners.

It’s a win-win for both of us!

The 50% installment officially blocks out time in my schedule that I’ll dedicate to your project.

You’ll receive a remainder invoice upon completion, due within 72 hours of receipt.

I’ll begin projects in queue after receiving full payment for the completed one.

I offer 3 fuss-free payment methods:

1. Your preferred ACH — Let me know what you need from me to pay via, Gusto, Ramp, or similar platforms

2. Melio — This is my preferred method because it’s convenient and free for both parties as long as invoices are paid ACH (not credit card)

3. PayPal — If you pay this way, I’ll be adding the transaction fee to the invoice

Each project is different and may need more or less time to complete. I’ll give you a ballpark delivery timeline after becoming familiar with your expectations and the scope of work.

My clients say I’m notorious for outstripping deadlines… so take what you will with that 🙂

I’m quickest to reply via email or Slack during normal business hours (M-F 9 am – 5 pm PST), and don’t do Zoom calls unless absolutely necessary.

If your team uses Asana or Trello for project management, I can accommodate those tags.

For article revisions, please indicate requests in the Google Doc so I can see exactly what needs my attention.

I’ll let you know in advance if I’ll be OOO or slower to reply to correspondences (please do the same).

My clients enjoy working with me because I need little to no handholding. But I still require the following from you to get started (and ensure a smooth process):

1. A detailed, realistic, and well-organized project brief to help me meet your needs and expectations

2. An installment to block off time in my schedule and begin the project (50% upfront and the remainder upon completion)

3. Quick responses to all correspondences (within 2 business days unless otherwise discussed)

I can complete ~5 articles per month. But similar to rates, this number can vary — I may be able to write more or less depending on the complexity level.

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