Writing Portfolio

Long-form content is my specialty—think SEO-friendly blogs & articles, guides, service pages, and informative eBooks.

I particularly enjoy covering beauty, health & wellness, digital marketing, higher education, and home security.

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MedStar Media

I am a ghostwriter for MedStar Media, a digital marketing agency for doctors, dentists, and medical spas.

My primary role is writing search engine optimized blog articles and service pages for their aesthetic clients.

My work process involves:

Researching an assortment of topics

Incorporating relevant short & long-tail keywords

Writing meta titles of 140-156 characters

Sourcing peer-reviewed articles

Producing informational content in a professional tone as if written by a doctor or an expert in field

Adhering to legal, professional, and branding restrictions on phrasing

Delivering 1000+ word blogs and treatment pages with a readability grade of 8 or below


I am a contributing writer for Switchful, a Helpful brand focused on reviews for consumer services.

I write detailed technical guides, blogs, and reviews (3,000+ words) in the home security space.

My work process involves:

– Conduct equipment hands-on testing (as needed)

Research, rate, and critique various home security systems and companies

– Write unique content reviewing the latest home security technologies

– Break down technical information in an easy-to-digest manner

– Follow extensive guidelines and adhere to phrasing and brand tone requirements

– Work with content manager and editor to polish content before publishing


I am a ghostwriter for Terryberry, a recognition company that creates engaged, purpose-led organizations.

I craft informative, search engine optimized articles (1500+ words) for their blog.

My work process involves:

Incorporating requested primary and secondary keywords

Writing informative content based off of a provided project brief

Internal and external linking

Submitting articles that meet requested word count and pass readability with a grade of 8 or below

All Things Freelance Writing

I am a contributing writer with All Things Freelance Writing, an empowering resource that helps solopreneurs build thriving and fulfilling businesses by writing.

I write original and informative articles (1500+ words) for their blog.

Seven Oaks Consulting

I was a content writer at Seven Oaks Consulting, a content marketing agency focused on curating quality search engine optimized B2B content.

I created compelling, made-from-scratch articles (500+ words) for their website.


I’m a firm believer that a good writer takes it upon herself to explore a multitude of topics outside of what she’s usually hired to write on. This is why I write stories on Medium when I’m not busy writing for clients.

This gives me an opportunity to continually improve and get creative, while giving potential clients a more comprehensive glimpse of how I tackle various niches such as travel guides, health & wellness, product reviews, fashion trends, and more.

Unlike a personal blog, these articles are written in an authoritative tone. Businesses can envision them in their website blog (i.e. travel guide in a city’s visitor bureau website blog).

Hemp Babe CBD

I ghostwrote a short yet informative eBook for Hemp Babe CBD, a premium CBD oil company set to launch in 2023.

It provides an easy-to-digest overview of what CBD is all about and how women can benefit from incorporating it into their daily lives.


I was a ghostwriter for CollegeStats.org, an educational resource for prospective & current college students.

I produced content for the landing page as well as more than 100 SEO-friendly technical articles/guide-form pieces for them.

Style Lullaby

I produced and shared lifestyle content as a blog writer for Style Lullaby.

In addition to documenting my favorite fashion trends & beauty finds on my personal blog, I have been sponsored by brands like Freshpet Dog Food, American Express, Poshmark, COVERGIRL, Marshalls, and more.

For these clients, I wrote genuine user-generated blog content and received active engagement with an average of about 50 comments per blog post.

I maintained an engaged Instagram presence by posting unique photos and compelling captions, which received an average of 10k+ likes and 150+ comments.