Writing Portfolio

Though I have written short-form copy like social media captions, catchy email headlines, and website taglines, my specialty is crafting long-form content (think SEO-friendly blogs & articles or informative eBooks)!

I enjoy covering beauty, digital marketing, higher education, health & wellness, and the freelance & remote working lifestyle. My portfolio of work reflects this.

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MedStar Media

I am a ghostwriter for MedStar Media, a digital marketing agency for doctors, dentists, and medical spas.

My primary role is writing search engine optimized blog articles and treatment pages for their aesthetic clients.

My work process involves:

Researching an assortment of topics

Incorporating relevant short & long-tail keywords

Writing meta titles of 140-156 characters

Sourcing peer-reviewed articles as necessary

Producing informational content in a professional tone as if written by a doctor or an expert in field

Adhering to legal, professional, and branding restrictions on phrasing

Following provided guidelines

Delivering 500-1000 word blogs and treatment pages with a readability grade of 8 or below


I am a ghostwriter for Terryberry, a recognition company that creates engaged, purpose-led organizations.

I craft informative, search engine optimized articles (1500+ words) for their blog.

My work process involves:

Incorporating requested primary and secondary keywords

Writing informative content based off of a provided project brief

Internal and external linking

Submitting articles that meet requested word count and pass readability with a grade of 8 or below

Seven Oaks Consulting

I am a marketing writer at Seven Oaks Consulting, a content marketing agency focused on curating quality search engine optimized B2B content.

I create compelling, made-from-scratch articles (500+ words) for their website.


I’m a firm believer that a good writer takes it upon herself to explore a multitude of topics outside of what she’s usually hired to write on. This is why I write stories on Medium when I’m not busy writing for clients.

This gives me an opportunity to continually improve and get creative, while giving potential clients a more comprehensive glimpse of how I tackle various niches such as travel guides, health & wellness, product reviews, fashion trends, and more.

Unlike a personal blog, these articles are written in an authoritative tone. Businesses can envision them in their website blog (i.e. travel guide in a city’s visitor bureau website blog).

Please follow me on Medium and stay tuned for new articles – my goal is to push a few out per week!

Hemp Babe CBD

I wrote a short yet informative eBook for Hemp Babe CBD, a premium CBD oil company launching in October 2022.

It provides an easy-to-digest overview of what CBD is all about and how women can benefit from incorporating it into their daily lives.


I was a content writer and copywriter for CollegeStats.org, an educational resource for prospective & current college students.

I produced content for the landing page as well as more than 100 SEO-friendly technical articles/guide-form pieces for them.

All Things Freelance Writing

I am a contributing content writer with All Things Freelance Writing, an empowering resource that helps solopreneurs build thriving and fulfilling businesses by writing.

I write original and informative articles (1500+ words) for their blog.

Style Lullaby

I produce and share lifestyle content as blog writer for Style Lullaby.

In addition to documenting my favorite fashion trends & beauty finds on my personal blog, I have been sponsored by brands like FreshPet Dog Food, American Express, Poshmark, COVERGIRL, Marshalls, and more.

For these clients, I write genuine user-generated blog content and receive active engagement with an average of about 50 comments per blog post.

I maintain an engaged Instagram presence by posting unique photos and compelling captions, which receive an average of 10k+ likes and 150+ comments.

AR Collective

I pitch and create valuable blog content for AR Collective, an educational resource and community for new and seasoned cryptocurrency traders.

My work process involves:

Researching and coming up with interesting & relevant topics (finance, crypto, trading, money)

Creating search engine optimized headlines

Incorporating relevant short & long-tail keywords

Writing meta titles of 140-156 characters

– Producing informational content that drives traffic to the website

Finding appropriate royalty-free images to supplement the copy

Adhering to legal restrictions on phrasing

Delivering 500-1000 word articles with a readability grade of 8 or below

Uploading and publishing content directly on their website (Craft CMS platform)


I created short & long-form website copy for Pure Body Bar, a small business focusing on making quality clean skincare available to all.

I provided concise & powerful copy on the landing page to capture the viewer’s attention and introduce them to Pure Body Bar as a brand.

The blog page is filled with valuable blog articles that inform potential buyers why they should choose Pure Body Bar over other competing brands, along with other educational content within the skincare realm.

On the shop page within each product, I created product descriptions that 1) inform the buyer what they are looking at, 2) elaborate on the benefits of the product, and 3) make the directions & ingredients clear.

Finally, I drafted e-mail campaigns regularly for the brand for various occasions using Mailchimp.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Compass, and More

I write real estate listing copy for realtors in Southern California.

Listing agents provide me with the key points and photos as reference. From there, I produce detailed, convincing copy to help sell or rent out the home.


I helped manage and provide social media content for SeniorLiving.org on Instagram. I was responsible for finding relevant, royalty-free images to use, and for writing captivating captions to go with them.

Social Media Brand Deck Copy - Fashion

I created relevant, catchy social media deck copy for various fashion brands like Faithfull the Brand, For Love & Lemons, and Lovers + Friends.

The bolded red copy is what I produced. I utilized what was provided as context (images, links, and other text not in red) to craft these Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram captions.

TW = Twitter

FB = Facebook

IG = Instagram