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I work hard so these two have better lives >>>
Barketing Manager (Rolly) & Chief Stoke Pawficer (S'mores)

I was in for a rude awakening when I thought my college degree would lead to job security. Instead, I found myself barely getting by as a model in LA.

Months passed with no real job before it hit me:

If I wanted my life to change, if I wanted a career with longevity… I had to do things differently.

Late 2014 marked a pivotal chapter.

My brother encouraged me to start a fashion and beauty blog, an extension of my modeling career. He got me set up and I got right to work.

I teamed up with my photographer-boyfriend to combine editorial photos with engaging stories. It wasn’t long before brands like COVERGIRL, Marshalls, and American Express took notice, hiring me to create user-generated content.

Who would’ve known this venture would explode into a booming career?

I knew better than to put all my eggs in one basket, though. So while my blog did well, I also ghostwrote for a digital marketing agency until they got bought out. That’s when I got my first real taste of SEO.

In 2021, everything changed… for the worse. The brands that once paid me thousands for Instagram photos and personal blog features? They shifted to video — not my calling.

So, I pivoted to content writing for brands and leaders. It wasn’t easy starting over… especially after I thought I had it all figured out.

But through relentless networking on LinkedIn, I secured my first three retainer clients — the foundation of my full-time freelance writing journey.

Now, I’m proud to ghostwrite for industry-leading founders and have my byline featured in notable publications like CNN Underscored.

My mission is simple: Help businesses stand out and make an impact in an online space drowning in generic fluff.

With AI front and center today, surface-level content obscures expertise and erodes credibility. But you don’t have to settle for mediocre. Together, we’ll create riveting content that shows your authority and speaks directly to your audience.

You bring the vision and I’ll bring it to life — let’s turn skeptics into raving fans.

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"Few remote freelancers fit so seamlessly with a business that it feels like they're in the office with you—but that's one of Sharon's best qualities."
"She rarely needs edits and her self-directed attitude is imperative to our growing business."
"Share's writing is engaging and thoughtful, always well-researched, and on point."
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