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Fun merch every creative solopreneur will love.
Note: All sales are final — kindly verify the sizing and shipping information are correct because orders can’t be modified once placed.
Need help? Please scroll down to see the FAQs section.


This absolutely kills me too… it’s not an ideal situation, but there’s no way to combine items right now. Each item comes from different manufacturers (so they charge for shipping accordingly) — even if you place one big order with me.

Because these are made-to-order items, all sales are final. Please double check your sizing (use the provided size charts) and shipping information before placing your order. No modifications can be made after as it gets sent directly to production.

Get in touch at [email protected] to discuss your issue and I’ll do my best to make it right for you.

Due to high production costs, margins are razor thin — leaving little to no room for me to offer discounts. But in the event that I do, I’ll include a banner indicating it on the shop page. Thank you for supporting my small business!

Each manufacturer has different processing times. All orders go through a print-on-demand provider, so I have no control over the fulfillment process. Generally, production takes 3-4 business days and shipping could take up to a week depending on where you live. Shipping may take longer during the holidays as mail service providers deliver higher volume. I appreciate your patience!

What you see on a computer screen or mobile device may be a bit brighter or duller depending on your settings. So, it’s normal for the product(s) and graphic(s) to have slight variance in color.

I’m not doing custom designs at this time, but also not opposed to a great idea! Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to share yours.

Before launching, I created designs for blankets, candles, beach weekender bags, and more… but unfortunately, the production costs are way too high for me to justify selling. Depending on the feedback I get though, I may offer them in the future. Got something you’d like but don’t see it in the shop? Email me at [email protected] to let me know.

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